Hieu Tran

Hieu Tran (they/them, any pronoun respectfully) is a Viet, chronically ill, tender queer born and raised in Virginia out of the Viet diaspora.

They are a facilitator for The Icarus Project, a peer-to-peer mental health network and education project. Hieu comes from Southerners On New Ground (SONG)’s local organizing in Richmond, Virginia since the
2011 Listening Campaigns and Organizing Schools and currently serves as Treasurer on SONG’s Board of Directors.

[[Hieu’s relationship with Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance is multifold, from serving as a political education space around SONG’s Bailout Campaigns to weekend writing groups, being involved with facilitating healthy relationship skills classes in partnership with five other grantees, employing Girls Rock! RVA (a youth music education and radicalization project) co-organizers, and part time mural work.]]

Hieu’s projects and interests include cooking, growing food, finance and economics in late capitalism, artmaking/crafts, Southern movement building, and using science fiction to explore the future. Right now, Hieu is working on a zine examining business and finance concepts through the lens of magic.

Come join the Action Alliance and Hieu Tran, a community organizer, artist, and healer, for a keynote on Day 2 at this year’s Retreat that will examine how oppression manifests and what we choose to cultivate in our struggle towards liberation. This keynote will have some popular education-style activities so please come with your thinking caps and some generosity of spirit.

Rinku Sen

Rinku Sen is an author, activist and political strategist. She is formerly the  Executive Director of Race Forward, and in that capacity served as  Publisher of their award-winning news site Colorlines. Under Sen’s leadership, Race Forward generated some of the most impactful racial justice successes of recent years, including Drop the I-Word, a campaign for media outlets to stop referring to immigrants as “illegal,” resulting in the Associated Press, USA Today, LA Times, and many more outlets changing their practice. She was also the architect of the Shattered Families report, which identified the number of kids in foster care whose parents had been deported. Her books Stir it Up and The Accidental American theorize a model of community organizing that integrates a political analysis of race, gender, class, poverty, sexuality, and other systems. She writes and curates the news at