Workshop Tracks

The following are the workshop tracks for the retreat. To keep with the cultivate theme, each track starts with the word “cultivate.” Listed below each track are the titles for the workshops within that track. For full details on each workshop (including date/time, description, presenters and level) click here

Cultivate Resilience
This track is for individuals working in prevention to expand and bolster knowledge for a future without sexual and domestic violence.  

  • Each One Teach One: Beneficial Impacts of Facilitating Healthy Relationship Programs on Teen Peer Facilitators
  • Black Women and Healthy Sexuality
  • We’re All Anarchists: Teaching from Trauma to Transformation 
  • Engage, Educate, Empower! 

Cultivate Your Craft
This track is specifically for individuals who have the basics of advocacy down and want to grow expertise in advanced advocacy.  

  • Victim Compensation: A Victim-Centered Approach to the Compensation Process
  • Cultivating Resilience-Based, Trauma Responsive Child and Family Programming
  • Cultivate Healing: Creative Resilience-Focused Play and Art Interventions for Survivors of All Ages
  • TRANScending the “Safe Space”: From Ally to Advocate 
  • Cultivating Partnerships Between Community-Based and Campus- Based Advocates
  • Polyamory and Consensual Non-Monogamy 

Cultivate Leadership
Cultivate leadership is a specialized track for executive directors to foster and enrich abilities.  

  • Cultivating Innovative Practices: Roundtable Discussions
  • Leading an SDVA in a VUCA World
  • Disaster Response: RISE FUND 
  • Daring to Care: Trauma Informed Supervision 

Cultivate Wholeness
Cultivate Wholeness will nurture self and community care to help recharge ourselves.   

  • MeToo: Supporting Advocates Who Are Survivors
  • Reclaiming the Sacred: Cultivating a Whole-istic Perspective Around Our Work
  • Quiet as It’s Kept: How Silence Impedes Healing and Wellness in the Black Community

Cultivate Community
Cultivate Community encompasses the need to engage with one another and develop partnerships

  • Connecting Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism Work to the SDVA Movement: The UPLC
  • Building Wholeness Through Housing Justice
  • Advancing a Multidisciplinary Approach that Links Systems and Services for Children and Young Victims and Their Families
  • Cultivating Community Through Digital Media
  • Building Connections: Appalachia and Intimate Partner Violence